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Corporate Tax
Regal  Tax & Accounting Services

Regal Tax & Accounting Services provides corporate tax services for small & medium enterprises , non profit organizations and partnerships  Our professional and personalized corporate tax services cover the entire scope of tax requirements.

Manage your US tax exposure
Whether your business is only beginning to sell to US customers or US customers represent the core of your business, anticipating and dealing knowledgeably with the US tax environment is critical to your bottom line. Don't be surprised by a US tax liability only to find out that, had you done things differently, your situation would have been less onerous.

Added to this is the potential burden of tax reporting in the 50 US states, most of which have their own tax laws that often differ from the federal tax law and each other. Our tax specialist deals full-time with tax planning, compliance and advice for businesses. Our services include the following:

Minimizing your state tax exposure
Determining when US tax filings are required or recommended
Preparing your US federal and state income tax returns
Structuring that suits your business
Financing your US business
Keeping you informed about US tax incentives
Implementing tax loss utilization strategies
The US federal and state governments are looking for more tax revenue. The US tax authorities are constantly increasing their means of identifying foreign businesses with US activity. Be aware of the potential liabilities; understand your areas of tax risk. Proactively manage your exposure. 

We are available 6 days a week from 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. We are professional, courteous and efficient. For appointment Call now - 407-719-8426.